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Thank you to all who joined us in honoring those who served in celebration of Veterans Day.

In Loving Memory:

"Dad, Thank you for the sacrifices you made for us and for our country."

The Kenney Family

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Our founder's grandfather
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and a little bit of history
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Thank you to Larry Cole for bringing local history to life.
The Steinbach/Damon family lovingly remembers, Richard K. Steinbach.
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In Honor of:
“Doreen Gray trained to be a nurse for the Vietnam War.  She is always passionate about helping others and noticed that when she needed care at the VA, there were no women’s clinics.  She paved the way, utilizing her voice to represent care for women who serve.  I am quite proud to have such a strong, courageous and generous person as my mother.  We love you and thank you for your service.” 
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Kimberly and Jon Riley; Donald Gray; Jill Gray; Andrew and Shauna Gray;
and Dawn and Jack Shannon
Honoring Veteran and Path to Healing Board Member Cory R. Ahonen: 
Thank you for having served our country and continuing to serve our Veterans in many capacities.
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Honoring Path to Healing’s Treasurer and USAF & Air National Guard Veteran Laura Cassidy:  Thank you for your service.
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Honoring Veteran and Path to Healing’s Mentor with EforAll Cape Cod Tom Gledhill.  Thank you for having served our country.
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