Open to Veterans, First Responders and Health Care Workers   

Impacted by trauma 

Apply now!  Path to Healing meets your needs. 

Apply Now!
Winter Session I 2023:
January 7-February 3 2023

Just 4 Weeks to a Happier and Healthier you!

Look for our free art classes for the entire family-

Coming in 2023! 

Free holistic activities are provided, combining horsemanship or songwriting with yoga, tai chi or meditation and peer discussion groups; cooking and other creative arts are often available such as painting and woodturning. 

Offered to groups of 6.

Path to Healing aims to help heal your trauma.  We help you feel better about yourself and your interactions within your families and communities. 


We serve Veterans and Service Members transitioning to civilian life, impacted by military trauma and/or other trauma(s); First Responders and Healthcare Workers affected by trauma(s) and COVID-related issues. 

Path to Healing provides the support you need

and activities that fit your schedule!

Healing Military Trauma


We follow Massachusetts guidelines.  We practice social distancing.  Masks may be required for indoor activities.

Donations accepted!

Path to Healing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Activities are offered at no cost to participants,

supported by the generosity of the community. 


Donations are greatly appreciated!

Thank you.