Veterans and Active Duty Service Members/Reservists:  Path to Healing offers a holistic approach to cope with military trauma.

Healing Military Trauma

 You spoke-We listened!

Now offering 4 week programs,

2 days per week.

Path to Healing provides holistic activities to help heal from military trauma.  Through activities such as yoga, tai chi, group therapy, meditation, horsemanship and songwriting, Veterans and service members are presented with healthy coping skills to manage their symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress.   

 Limited to groups of 6.

COVID-19 concerns: 

Less than 10 people are present during our program.  We follow CDC recommended cleaning guidelines.  We practice social distancing and masks are required.  

Path to Healing is offered at no cost to participants,

supported by the generosity of the community, through donations, grants and other fundraising efforts. 


Please see our DONATE page.

For more information, email: info@pathtohealingma.org